No Name Expertise
1 Drs. Ari Subowo, MA Social Policy, Population policy
2 Drs. Aufarul Marom, M.Si Public Policy, Public Management
3 Dr. Augustin Rina Herawati Public Policy Methods, Creativity and Innovation, Decision Making, Theory of Development and Social Change, Change Management
4 Amni Zarkasyi Rahman, SAP., M.Si Public Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development
5 Dr. Budi Puspo Priyadi, M.Hum Social entrepreneurship, Community Development, Research methodology
6 Dra. Dewi Rostyaningsih, M.Si Public Policy, Public Management, Pancasila and Citizenship, Anti-Corruption Education
7 Dra. Dyah Hariani, MM Public Management, Public Policy, Public Finance
8 Dra. Dyah Lituhayu, M.Si Public Management
9 Prof. Dr. Endang Larasati Setianingsih, MS Public Policy, Public Management, HR Management
10 Dr. Hardi Warsono, MTP Public Policy, Public Management, Cooperation between Regions
11 Dr. Hartuti Purnaweni, MPA Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Coastal Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Tourism Policy and Management
12 Drs. Herbasuki Nurcahyanto, MT Service Management, Tourism Management
13 Dra. Hesti Lestari, MS Public Management, Community Development
14 Dr. Ida Hayu Dwimawanti, MM Public Policy, Public Management, HR Management, Tourism Policy and Management, Public Services
15 Dr. Kismartini, M.Si Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Coastal Policy
16 Dra. Maesaroh, M.Si Public Management, HR Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development
17 Dra. Nina Widowati, M.Si Public Management, Transformation Management
18 Drs. R. Slamet Santoso, M.Si Transformation Management and Innovation: Public Policy and Planning
19 Retna Hanani, S.Sos, MPP Public Policy, Social Policy, Policy formulation, Health policy
20 Dr. Retno Sunu Astuti, M.Si Policy Analysis, Governance, Administrative Reform, Public Value
21 Prof. Dr. Sri Suwitri, M.Si Public Policy, Policy formulation, Public Management, Network Policy / Management
22 Dra. Susi Sulandari, M.Si Public Management
23 Teuku Afrizal, Ph.D Policy Formulation, Environmental Policy, Solid Waste Studies, Public Management, Rural and Urban Poverty, Social entrepreneurship, Community Development, Development and Environment, Migration Studies, Social Theory, Epistemology, Environmental Philosophy, Urban Ecosystem Studies
24 Titik Djumiarti, S.Sos., M.Si Public Policy, Social Policy, Public Management, Community Development, Public Service Innovation,  Development Management and Administration
25 Dr. AP. Tri Yuniningsih, M.Si Public Policy, Public Management, HR Management, Tourism Policy and Management, legal drafting, Policy Networking, Actor Network
26 Yuliana Kristanto, SAP., M.Si Social entrepreneurship, Community Development
27 Drs. Zainal Hidayat, MA Sociology