Domestic Cooperation

Public Administration Study Program
FISIP Universitas Diponegoro




In order to improve the quality of education, research and community service at the international level, the Public Administration FISIP-Universitas Diponegoro has held cooperations with agencies and institutions in the country

Domestic Cooperation 

(Private Institutions)

Domestic Cooperation 

(Government Institutions)

Regional Public Hospital of dr. Margono Soekarjo

Bappeda of Rembang Regency

Batang District Government

The Ministry of Defense of Republic of Indonesia

East Kutai Regency Government

Central Java Provincial Government

Pati District Government

Semarang City Government

Brebes District Government

Domestic Cooperation

(Non-Government Organization)

Ikatan Profesi Analis Kepegawaian RI (IPAKRI)


Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education and Information

Indonesian Asscociation for Public Administration (IAPA)