International Undergraduate Programs

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International Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Admission
Follow the steps to apply

Step 1

Choose your program

Start your fascinating journey at Universitas Diponegoro by choosing the study program you are interested in. Each study program offers wide range of knowledge that you need to pursue your dreamed career. In order to get desired knowledge that suits you, you can visit the website page of each study program to see everything you need to know.

Go to official website of Universitas Diponegoro’s and click the menu Faculty. This page lists you eleven Faculties and two Schools at Universitas Diponegoro. You can go through the faculty’s website to seek the expected study programs.

Step 2

Review Entry Requirements
a. General Requirements

After deciding the Study Program, candidates must prepare the documents as required. In general, the Admission Office only assesses application which meets the qualifications as follow:

1. Graduate from nationally accredited high school, or
2. Graduate from International Diploma Program (3 years)
3. Passing international education qualifications equivalent to any of the above

b. Language Requirements

Universitas Diponegoro has International Undergraduate Programs (IUP) which are taught in English, yet some undergraduate programs are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia (Regular Program). Regardless of Study Program the candidates wish to apply, they must demonstrate excellent skills in English as language requirement. Applicants must have International TOEFL with minimum score of 500 (PBT); 173 (CBT); 60 (iBT); or 5.5 (IELTS). Meanwhile, if candidates wish to apply in the Regular Program, they must obtain certificate of BIPA level 3 (BIPA is Indonesian Language Preparatory Class for Non-Native Speakers)

c. Required Documents Checklist

To apply the Undergraduate Programs at Universitas Diponegoro, candidates must submit the documents as listed below:

1. High School Diploma/Certificate of Graduation or equivalent
2. Academic Transcript
3. Passport
4. TOEFL/IELTS Certificate
5. Recent photograph
6. BIPA/UKBI (Indonesian Language Proficiency Certificate); see the details at This document is needed for candidate who wish to study in Regular Undergraduate Programs


Step 3

Review Fees and Scholarship

See the elaborated explanation about the fees at


Step 4

Submit your application

Universitas Diponegoro requires candidates who meet all qualifications to apply online and here are the steps ;
a. Create an account

You are required to fill the Online Form, at , Please be informed that all correspondences will go on by email, therefore you must use an active email when you create the account.

b. Complete your application

After you have an account, you are required to choose the Study Program and upload documents such as High School Diploma/Certificate of Graduation or equivalent, Academic Transcript, Valid Passport and Certificate of Language Proficiency. All documents must be in PDF format no more than 1000 kb each. Please indicate your scholarship status when you apply by choosing “drop down” menu to choose the scholarship schemes.

c. Submit your application

Check once again before you click submit button. Click the submit button when all documents are already attached. Universitas Diponegoro charges no application fee.


Step 5

Respond to your acceptance

If you are accepted at Universitas Diponegoro, then, Congratulations! The Letter of Acceptance will be automatically generated in your application account as well as sent to your registered email. If you accept it and wish to study at the same year as stated, please notify us by email to to be registered. If you want to postpone your enrolment you may also let us know. The Letter of Acceptance is only valid for 2 (two) admission periods.


Step 6

Getting ready to Universitas Diponegoro

a. Applying Student Visa

Indonesia provides a Student Visa for international students. To obtain Indonesian visa for student, please visit or contact the Diponegoro International Office for further processes.

b. Preparing move to Semarang City

You can prepare to move to Semarang City by knowing about the city starting from climate, food, transportation, medical center, and cross-cultural interpretation. You may also be requested to apply for international insurance.

c. Finding the accommodation

Before you move, please consider in what type of accommodation you want to get. In Semarang City, there are several types of accommodation you may choose. Hotel room, apartment, rent room and university’s student dormitory are available options.

d. Airport pick up

Diponegoro International Office provides an airport pick up service for international student. If you wish to use this service, you must book at least 1 (one) week prior to your arrival.