Name : Ni Ayu Syafa Sekar Suriali
NIM : 14020120190048

Being the IUP Program student had given me so many lessons. I’ve been getting used to speak in English almost everyday as I join this program. Besides, it helped me to make friends with people abroad.

Name   : Syalsa Billa Fauziah Darmawan
NIM    : 14020120190051

In my opinion, taking the IUP Program at Universitas Diponegoro had amazed me. It was because the excellent learning system, as well as the implementation of the International class which is easy to be understood by the students. Fortunately, it might create graduates with international standard.

Name   : Amelia Aisyah Indra Cahyani
NIM    : 14020120190052

As long as I took the IUP Program at Universitas Diponegoro, I felt very lucky. It was because this program had helped me to increase my English skill. I had to learn how to use my English skill everyday. However, I have been loved to practice my English skill. The IUP Program is the right choice to be chosen, since it gave so many benefits. Such as, the opportunity to join the exchange student program; having a wider relation; and not to mention the chance to practice my English skill. Besides, Universitas Diponegoro has so many partner universities abroad. So, I should not be worry for joining the exchange student program.

Name   : Christophe Rahelison Jean
NIM    : 14020120199210

Studying in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences is probably one of the best choices for me and especially on program studies in public administration which I want to gain a lot of knowledge from this field of study . It is very attractive to know because it learns all areas of study and let us know how to manage or run the economy in a country or a public or private organization and maintain a project office. Here we will also learn regarding how can become a good citizen and not only theory, but also practice ourselves. That’s why, here I feel like I have a great chance to be students of the public administration. And I hope that I would have several experience in this field of study.