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Student Testimonials

Cahyo Adhi Widodo

Member of Commission A of Semarang City Regional House of Representatives

Studying at UNDIP Public Administration is awesome. The colleagues were nice as well as the lecturers. For sure the lessons were very applicable to the community. Activities on campus such as Community Service, Internships, etc., and on-site practices helped us to prepare for the world of work.


Lecturer in Bachelor of State Administration Study Program, Universitas Negeri Surabaya

One of the turning points in my life was when I studied at Undip Public Administration. I learned various new things during my study, not only conceptually but also contextually. The academic atmosphere and positive social environment were also very supportive in terms of self-development, which was supported by competent lecturers.


Community Development Officer (CDO) PT. PERTAMINA LUBRICANT

The scope of study in Public Administration is fascinating, we don’t just learn in class but we develop ourselves through research projects, internships in government agencies, State-Owned Enterprises, or the private sector, and also socializing with the community through Community Service programs. In addition, the lecturers are also great, and of course, the job prospects are epic.


First Functional Position of Goods and Services Procurement Manager at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

After getting a job, I really feel that the curriculum provided during my study at UNDIP Public Administration is really useful. The team teaching was amazing. They were able to organize learning to be fun to remember. Learning soft skills such as internships, Community Service, Seminars, etc. also helped to create a more responsible person. Studying at Undip Public Administration is perfect.


Public Administration Students Class of 2019

I learned a lot of valuable knowledge from this study program. Moreover, the fact that many graduates from the Public Administration study program of FISIP Undip have been accepted to work in many sectors of employment is clear evidence that graduates from the public administration study program are trusted to hold work positions not only in the public sector but also in the private sector. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience during my study in the Public Administration study program of FISIP Undip. With an innovative learning system that is always being developed, hopefully, the Public Administration study program can produce future generations who are smart and have a good character for the nation.


Civil servants at the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency

I am an alumnus of the Public Administration study program, FISIP UNDIP and currently working as a Land Law Analyst at the Alor Regency Land Office. Public Administration was actually not my first choice, but in the end, I was convinced that this study program was the right one. How could I not, the knowledge I got was very comprehensive, the competent lecturers always provided guidance and teaching, the college colleagues were close to the family, and the campus facilities were supportive. In addition to academic activities, we are also encouraged to develop soft skills through student organizations. I am a proud alumnus.

Public Administration

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