Public Administration is a study program with a variety of cultures in it. One of the cultures contained in this study program is the Hari Publik or Public Day. Public Day is a day of the week when the Public Administration students wear their majoring jacket as the characteristic or a sign that they are the students of Public Administration.

Then what about the implementation of the Public Day during this pandemic? the learning program which is usually done offline turns completely online, Doesn’t it?

An organization must certainly have an adaptive value. All the work programs or activities must continue to run during this pandemic, even though everything has to be done online. For the Public Day itself, the BPH (Daily Executive Board) of the Public Administration Student Association has planned that this activity will be carried out by uploading the information concerning the public administration on all social media owned by the association. The information will be packed informally in everyday language. The goal is that the Public Administration students, especially the new generation students, can get to know the cultures and habits of the Public Administration students. The information provided is related to the Public students’ favorite meeting places, favorite hangout places, classrooms that become the pride of the Public’s students, and other info. Besides, the Jajur (majoring jacket), which previously becomes the hallmark of this Public Day activity, will be inserted in every post that will be posted for the first time on the association’s Instagram account starting this early May.


Writer: BPH Inti (Muhammad Arif Febrian)