Public Administration Student Was Chosen As Miss Fisip of 2018

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June 26, 2018

Miss Fisip Undip of 2018


The election of Mas (Mr) and Mbak (Miss) in 2018 had been a special year for the Department of Public Administration because this year one of its representatives was elected as Mbak Fisip of 2018. The selection was carried out through a selection conducted by Fisip Student Executive Board in collaboration with the Public Administration Student Association to send their delegation to participate in the election event for Mas and Mbak Fisip. The selection was followed by all Departments in Fisip, namely Public Administration, Business Administration, International Relations, Communication Science and Governance Studies. Each department sent a maximum of two pairs of Mas and Ms. Fisip. After going through a rigorous selection, finally, one of the Public Administration students was chosen as Mbak Fisip of 2018 namely Amalia Wijayanti.

Amalia Wijayanti, who was born in Tegal on July 26, 1999, was motivated in participating in the selection of Mas and Mbak Fisip namely because she wanted to make the department and her parents proud of her. She also wanted to give more contribution to making Fisip a superior Faculty. According to Amalia, the most memorable experience during the election to become Mbak Fisip was when she practised the catwalk and danced for the opening of Fisip Mars, which was the culmination of the FISIP Mas and Mbak election. That night had made her more anxious and given her a different impression. Moreover, she had to wear 7-8 cm high heels and a kebaya.

During the Fisip Mars event, Amalia also took part in a poetry reading competition which was one of the competitions organized by the Fisip Student Executive Board. So, it was known that she took part in two competitions that were held on the same day. Making the most of her time for training for the two competitions had made her learn to manage her time better, especially when it dealt with the college assignments. The announcement of the poetry reading competition and being selected as Mbak Fisip which happened in the same night had made that it the most memorable night in her life. All of her hard work had been paid off with the announcement on the night of Fisip Mars. She thanked her friends and the Public Administration Student Association who had supported and helped her during the event.

Amalia, who was elected as Mbak Fisip of 2018, had the duty to help every event or activity at Fisip. Several times ago during the month of Ramadan, she collaborated with the Community Service Division of Fisip Student Association to hold takjil sharing and sahur on the road. Then she also collaborated with the Entrepreneurship Division to be their model and wear Fisip t-shirt that was made for the 2018 new students. In addition, she and the rest of Fisip Mas and Mbak contestants were about to create their own work program soon. Amalia messages as the elected Mbak Fisip of 2018, Mas and Mbak who had previously been sent to participate in the Mas and Ms. Fisip event could be more mingled. So that, in carrying out the work programs, they could become one family of Fisip, Fisip is our home.

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