Public Administration Student Association Delegation Goes To Andalas!

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October 5, 2018

Hello, the Indonesian Young Administrator!

Did you know..?

The number of MSME in Indonesia has been increasing rapidly, especially in Semarang City. This improvement is in line with the increasing population which raises new problems. Those problems are inseparable from the ownership of business licences for the existing MSMEs.

But, no need to worry…

I Jus Melon (Online Business Licence) presents as the solution.

I Jus Melon is an innovation of the government in realizing independent and productive MSMEs. Besides, the benefit obtained by the MSME owners is the convenience of providing credit through Kredit Wibawa (Wibawa Entrepreneurial Credit).

For your information, this program had attained the award of the Indonesian Top 40 Public Innovation, and indeed is a pride for the Semarang City Government and us as the Semarang citizen.

Public Administration Student Association of 2018

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