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June 29, 2022

(Saturday, March 19, 2022)

The Makrab x Upgrading work program is a collaborative work program from Division I Student Resource Development (PSDM) with the main BPH. Makrab or Night of Solidarity is a work program from Main BPH which aims to increase solidarity and strengthen bonding in the internal environment of the AP Student Association. Meanwhile, Upgrading is a work program from Division I PSDM which aims to strengthen cohesiveness and cooperation between AP Student Association management. This Makrab x Upgrading is carried out at the beginning of the Cakra Abhipraya cabinet management and is included in the 100 Working Day Program. The reason that underlies this work program to be carried out at the beginning of the management is to create a sense of ownership and cohesiveness in strong cooperation for each HMPS AP management before undergoing the management for the next period. This is expected that the management can bring out maximum performance.

The purpose and essence of this work program are realized through interesting and exciting activities at this event. During the event, each administrator participated in every activity with enthusiasm and cheer. One of the activities that was aimed to increase bonding and cooperation was through games, which were divided into two forms, namely a game which divided the participants into small and large groups. The management member was divided into several groups which consisted of functionaries from various divisions. This aimed to increase the intimacy between the members of all divisions. During the activity, they were guided by two interactive MCs, namely Aditya Prasetyo and Rizki Permana Nurhuda. The Makrab x Upgrading work program went smoothly. At the end of the event, the members conveyed positive feedback and the benefits they felt while participating in this activity.

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