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Healthy Food Quota Update

Due to the start of the odd semester holiday in 2022, the healthy food distribution quota at each pick-up location will be adjusted as follows: No Location Quota 1 SA-MWA Building Parking Lot 300 2 Student Center 300 3 Auditorium Imam Bardjo, S.H. 125 Total 725 The...

Service Transfer of Level 1 Health Care Facility to Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1

We hereby announce to all Undip students of the 2020 and 2021 classes to immediately change their health care facility services to Klinik Pratama Diponegoro 1 in accordance with the provisions of the Rector’s Announcement in this link. Procedures for...

Virtual Exchange Program Spring Semester 2023 – Asia University

Virtual Exchange Program Spring Semester 2023 – Asia University

Healthy Food Registration System Information Dissemination

In accordance with the direction of the Rector of Universitas Diponegoro, currently, the academic and student affairs division in collaboration with the communication and business division has developed a healthy food registration system. In this regard, we hereby...

Announcement | KIP Kuliah Scholarship Recipients for Class of 2022 Batch II

Based on the results of the files selection and interviews, we hereby announce the recipients of the KIP Kuliah Scholarship for the Class of 2022 Batch II. The list of students to have passed the selection is attached below. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE KIP KULIAH SCHOLARSHIP...


Guest Lecturer: Ethics of Public Administration Between Theory and Practice Towards Smart Governance

With regard to the ethics of public administration, so far many bureaucratic apparatus have abused their authority either intentionally or unintentionally. Public administration ethics is a guide or control tool for administrators in carrying out their duties and...

Workshop on Curriculum Development and RPS for Undergraduate Public Administration: Agile and Digitalization-Based Public Administration Curriculum

Workshop on Curriculum Development and RPS for Undergraduate Public Administration: Agile and Digitalization-Based Public Administration Curriculum

Webinar Of Training And Assistance For Accreditation Preparation Of Scientific Journals/Periodicals Imprint At Universitas Diponegoro In 2021

We hereby inform respectfully in order to improve the standard quality and reputation of scientific journals at Undip, the UNDIP Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) will hold a Webinar of Training and Assistance for Accreditation Preparation of Scientific...

National Webinar On ASN Neutrality and Socialization Of JAGA ASN At University Diponegoro

Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara (KASN) bekerjasama dengan IAPA dan Universitas Diponegoro menyelenggarajkan Webinar Netralitas ASN dan Sosialisasi JAGA ASN dengan tema "Membangun Meritokrasi dan Demokrasi Indonesia" yang akan diselenggarakan pada : The Civil Service...


Research & Community Service

UNDIP Cares for Floods Disaster in Dinar Indah Residence

Flash floods hit the Dinar Indah Meteseh Residence, Semarang City, on Friday (6/1) afternoon. The flooding that occurred in the area was caused by the overflowing Pengkol River waters accompanied by...

A National Webinar As Part Of The Implementation Of The Development And Application Research (RPP)

According to the Development and Application Research (RPP) activity entitled "The Management Practices for the Mitigation of the Spread of the Covid-19 at the Local Stage: A Comparative Studies on...

Staying productive during the pandemic? Undip students created a SIAP BERGOTA website to help online funeral services

Semarang, 23/9 The increasing number of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia has made the government take a policy to tighten social distancing. All activities that are carried out directly (offline) are...

Public Goes To Public (PGP)

The Public Goes To Public (PGP) event was a live in activity and community service program that was in accordance with the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. This event was held by the Public...

Research Of Lab Of Public Policy And Management In Improving The Quality Of Public Services At RSUD Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto

Semarang, July 5 2018,- Improving the quality of public services is one of the steps taken by the government in improving services that are still lacking by the community. The thing that becomes a...



Public Administration Student Association Delegation Goes To Andalas!

Hello, the Indonesian Young Administrator! Did you know..? The number of MSME in Indonesia has been increasing rapidly, especially in Semarang City. This improvement is in line with the increasing...

Public Administration Student Was Chosen As Miss Fisip of 2018

  The election of Mas (Mr) and Mbak (Miss) in 2018 had been a special year for the Department of Public Administration because this year one of its representatives was elected as Mbak Fisip of...

TERAS JATENG 2018 – Undip Public Administration As The Best Delegation

On February 24-27, 2018, a delegation from Public Administration who represented Universitas Diponegoro participated in the 2018 Central Java Regional Administrators Meeting (TERAS JATENG) which was...

Outstanding Student – MAWAPRES

Fighting and Godspeed to Rizka Ciptaningsih as an Outstanding Student of Public Administration Department. "Do your best, so you will get the best" Congratulations!  

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