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FISIP Research and Community Service

Uncover the mysteries of nature and technology in vivid experiments. With books and journals and loyal companions in hand, Campus is a place where research comes to life.

Community service is always the application of knowledge for the good of society. Teaching, sharing and inspiring, the University is a sacred place of service.

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To strengthen MBKM cooperation, the Department of Public Administration at FISIP Undip is heading towards the Department of Management and Public Policy at FISIPOL UGM

Yogyakarta (10/20), team of lecturers from the Department of Public Administration FISIP Undip consisting of  Dr. AP. Tri Yuniningsih, M.Si (Head of the Public Administration Department), Dra. Maesaroh, M.Si (Head of Public Administration Undergraduate Study Program),...

IAPA Workshop “Formulation of Scientific Vision Mission of Study Program”

Public Administration Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" East Java and Public Administration Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UNDIP held a workshop with the theme "Formulation of...

Professor Candidates of FPIK, FSM, and FISIP UNDIP Presented Their Scientific Papers

Universitas Diponegoro has again held a scientific paper presentation of three Undip professor candidates organized by the Universitas Diponegoro Council of Professors on Friday (23/6). The three professorship candidates were Dr. Ir. Bambang Yulianto, DEA. (Faculty of...

Guest Lecturer: Ethics of Public Administration Between Theory and Practice Towards Smart Governance

With regard to the ethics of public administration, so far many bureaucratic apparatus have abused their authority either intentionally or unintentionally. Public administration ethics is a guide or control tool for administrators in carrying out their duties and...

Dissemination of Technical Guidelines for Village Tourism Exhibition and the Creation of “Boyolali Kaya Cerita” (Boyolali Rich in Stories) Book

Boyolali (23/09/2022) - Boyolali is one of the districts in Central Java with village tourism potential. A village tourism is a form of integration between a potential of natural attractions, cultural tourism, and man-made tourism in a certain area supported by...


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Undip’s Sustainable Development Goals

Diponegoro University, as a higher education institution in Indonesia, is committed to implementing various programs related to SDGs. All faculties, schools and other units at Undip have prepared programs and activities to achieve the 17 goals in the SDGs. The effort is made in order to support the Indonesian Government’s commitment to achieving the national SDGs targets.”

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