Guest Lecturer: Ethics of Public Administration Between Theory and Practice Towards Smart Governance

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May 5, 2023

With regard to the ethics of public administration, so far many bureaucratic apparatus have abused their authority either intentionally or unintentionally. Public administration ethics is a guide or control tool for administrators in carrying out their duties and authorities. One of the values ??of public administration or code of ethics that must be obeyed by a public official is anti-corruption. However, at this time corruption cases are still rife, especially among administrators or civil servants. This corruption case arises due to several factors such as the lack of internalization of ethics and morals, the lack of personal integrity making it so easy for bureaucrats to violate their promises of office and basic obligations, and to deny honesty in their work, and the existence of democratic culture from the past. Therefore, to prevent this corruption case, this can be done by building bureaucratic ethics and strengthening the human resource control system

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