Why Study?

Public Administration is a branch of social science focusing on three important elements of the statehood which are legislative, executive, and judicative institutions as well as things like public policy, public management, administration of development, country’s purpose, and the ethics of managing the country. In this study program, you will learn how to manage the administration more specifically as in understanding the whole process done by organization or individual in executing or implementing law and rules which created by legislative, executive, and judicative institution particularly on how to implement the process of the existed policies. You will also learn about the collection and data processing, so you will be skilled in managing various types of organizations comprehensively and being strategic in decision making. The program is directing you to many options of work opportunities such as being officer in central or regional government, research assistant, CSO activist, politics or government journalist, government consultant, lecturer, and more. Several courses provided are including but not limited to public administration theory, organization theory, public management, public policy, leadership, development administration, development plan, law of state administration, and organizational behavior.